Wallet Overview

Wallet Overview contains all of the information about your wallet.

There are five sections on the left hindsight of the Wallet Overview:

You can switch between wallets on the wallet overview page by clicking on the left or right arrow above history.

You can add a wallet through the wallet overview page.


History allows you to view all of the histories of your wallet. This includes the history of your wallet on Mainnet and Testnet.

You can copy your wallet's public key below the wallet's name.

You can find more information about History here.


On this page, you can send tokens. You can send tokens on Mainnet and Testnet.

If you do not have any tokens in your Wallet, you can add a token by clicking Add Token.

You can create a token or import a token.


On this page, you are can see all of the Stakes from your wallet.

When you click on the Stake, an option to Unstake appears on the right side.

You can find more information on how to stake and unstake here.

Wallet Settings

Wallet Settings allow you to:

  • Change wallet name

  • Access your public and private key

  • Change the password of your wallet

  • Select the time after which the wallet will get locked

  • Remove a wallet

  • Export a wallet

If you have imported the wallet from the Ledger, you will not be able to export the wallet's private key through Gosuto.

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